Google maps with “Real Time Navigation"


Google maps with “Real Time Navigation" is available. Click on link below to open the Google map on your mobile device. Enable “Location” on your mobile device and you will have a live tracking map as you move through Wildcat Ridge WMA.


Unlike Google's Map used in your car for navigation, this map is static and does not move or refresh the map as you move. Your position (Blue Dot) moves on the static map, thus you may have to move the map to keep your position (Blue Dot) in view. The map size can be enlarged or reduced using modile device finger gestures.


The map can be opened on a desktop computer as well as a mobile device. Options in the "Map Legend" will not be supported at this time. 


Wildcat Ridge Google Trail Map


Bookmark the link if you intend to visit Wildcat Ridge WMA in the future.